Connecting businesses in your industry

Circlelinks is a business communication and networking application that connects all the vendors from manufacturers and marketing companies to retailers and wholesalers.


Circlelinks helps you expand into new areas and connect with a large number of businesses in your industry increasing your visibility

Find all the information you need

With Circlelinks find complete business profiles of vendors in your industry including their certifications. products, contact details etc.

  • Message them through the app
  • Follow them to get access to their activity
  • Connect to be notified in case of new requirements
  • Mark them as lead for quick access
  • Add personal ratings and notes
Circlelinks user profile in android app

Search vendors from anywhere

Circlelinks helps you precisely search for vendors in any area. You can find retailers, wholesalers to manufacturers and companies. You can even search by product to see vendors who deal in a certain product

  • Get all vendors who sell a specific product
  • Search vendors who deal with a specific company
  • Search by a vendor type in a certain area
  • Find vendors by their unique Circlelinks ID
Search screen in circlelinks android app